Tomorrow I'll Miss You

Times change and we also

Posted on: 1 de junho de 2012

I remember the time when I counted the days to my birthday, and that date was the more important in the year! I don’t know why, but looked like every wish I had would come true. It was more than a simple change of age. It was my day.

And was like that for a long time.

But then, there was a especially birthday when every thing changed.

It was march 14. It was march 14 and I was one year older. It was march 14 and who I wanted closer, was still far away from me, my wishes – the ones that didn’t depended of me – were still only wishes, and no one has decided that my life would be easier because it was my birthday.

I think that we overestimate silly things. And then this silly things sometimes change so much the way we see the world, you know?!

I don’t think that my life got worse after I stopped see magic in everything. Because I dare to say that I like being silly sometimes and I don’t bother with the fact that I still want some magical things in my life.


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