Tomorrow I'll Miss You

Just one more romantic moment.

Posted on: 1 de junho de 2012

I can let you see my defects, my insecurity, my fears and my lack of discretion. I can also cry in front of you with no shame or clothes. And I’m not asking you to promise me you won’t runaway, because eventually… Eventually one of us will do that. I’m trying not scaring you right now but I really fear this moment. We built something real here, and you know I’m not used to real things; it was so rare in my life! Until we happened.

Maybe you don’t know my too romantic side, and maybe you don’t even want to. But you already know so many things about me, so… Why not? I can’t tell you all the crazy things that are in my mind right now, but I’m sure you can see it when we are together. I could thank you for being so great for me, I could even thank you for being patient; but we are more then thanks and all this things are part of the relationship, aren’t they?

You have to know that you can always make me feel better. All you have to do is show that you’re there.


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